The Desire System

преузимањеEveryone wants to be well loved and to be at the center of attention. Basically, most of the guys just want the girls to notice them, so that they could convince themselves that they are more than they actually are. And it would appears that a guy called Dr. David Tian has figured out how to do it, and has made a series of videos in which he explains to people what he’s actually doing and how other men could achieve the thing they were dreaming of for so long. However, you do have to pay for them. And what are you actually paying for? Well, let’s see.

The videos that Dr. David Tian is giving to the people for a small fee actually deal with two systems – the Desire System and the Lust System. Both of those systems are divided into four parts, and in each of them, he tells you everything you need to know about relationships and how they work.

When it comes to the Desire System part, as we have already said, it comprises four videos; the first one is all about the Emotional Activation System, a system based on neuroscience, but has in fact been used by people for centuries. In the second part of the Desire System, Dr. Tian tells us all about knowing how to make the girl feel the very thing you are feeling. The third part has to do with making yourself feel that you are attractive and gaining self-confidence. And the fourth part of the Desire System tells us that the three previous parts are enough for getting the girl you want.

When it comes to the Lust System, it also comprises four parts, and the first one of them tells us that there are three things you need to get the girls to lust over you, and Dr. Tian here tells us how to actually get those girls. The second part of this system teaches us how to start up a conversation with the girl, and David is even going to show you what you ought to do in that situation. The third part tells us all about how to break into the main emotions of a girl, and the fourth part of this system wraps up all the loose ends.

преузимање (1)Also, there are some bonus videos. One of them tells us all about getting the girls not only to like you, but how to get them to start a relationship with you. The second one show us what it is you need to have to be extremely appealing to women, and the third one deals with answering some questions that people have been dying to ask.

So, all in all, this is basically what The Desire System is all about. It sounds pretty interesting, and could actually help all those people that are rather shy with women, and don’t really know how to talk to them. If you want to know more about this topic, please visit the following link: