Kevin Hart Storms the Stage Like a Dragon Attacking a Castle

Kevin HartKevin hart is a famous actor and stand-up comedian. In 2013, he first hosted Saturday Night Live, and his performance was deemed poor. But since then, Kevin became a huge deal in movies. He had three title roles in 2014, and all of those movies were gigantic hits! Now that he is a great movie star, as well as a great stand-up comedian, he became more energetic!

Hart’s newest performance was great! Although the second part of the show was a bit slow, and there was a technical glitch, this show was good, and could easily be a summarization of Hart’s comedy style. This episode of Saturday Night Live started off with a less politically explicit sketch with Marin Luther King Jr. examining today’s racial situation in the country. This sketch starred Kenan Thompson as a ghost of Martin Luther King Jr, who appears to a boy writing a research paper about him. Some consider it a well deserved pause from all the political talk-show parodies.

Kevin HartThe show continued with Kevin Hart’s stand-up monologue, and was followed by Kate McKinnon’s parody of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads. After that, a segment called Why’d You Post That? appeared, in which Kevin hart interviews some Instagram users asking them why they posted the thing that they posted. During this sketch, a technical glitch appeared, but Hart relieved the issue while staying in-character all the time. People claimed that the sketch over-made its point, however it was funny seeing how Kevin punishes Instagram users for their crimes.

For a long time, James Brown impressions were of the table. It was believed that no one could replace Eddie Murphy as the real Brown-impersonator. However, Hart did it, and many believe this sketch to be the best in the entire episode. Vocally, Kevin was spot-on, and the entire cast looked absolutely perfect. However, the problem occurred when this best sketch was followed by the worst one. That’s how some describe Soap Opera Reunion sketch. The show loses its momentum with this toilet-humor filled segment of the show.

The Weekend Update segment was short, with only one guest – Kate McKinnon’s Mrs. Santini, with Bill Cosby, Mitt Romney and Che jokes. This update was followed be The Journey, a parody of musical comedy Galavant. In this segment, Kevin had to convey the news to King Kenan about a dragon flying en route for the castle. The jokes get old after a while; however, the production team gets all the credits.                                               Kevin Hart

The next segment followed Jay Pharaoh playing Hart’s illegitimate son, who is trying to impersonate Kevin. And you know what? He did it perfectly! This second-to-last sketch was followed by a sketch called The Listening Party, filled with Kevin Hart mimicking the sound of a gunshot during the listening of an aspiring rapper’s first album. Many claimed that the sketch had potential, but couldn’t quite manage to live up to it.

This show appeared after the winter break, and was pretty solid. The second half was a bit slow and soot on shaky grounds, but Hart’s liveliness and charm managed to keep it afloat.