Paint Color Ideas for 2016

преузимањеThe year 2016 has already begun, and people do not still seem to be all that familiar with the latest trends when it comes to painting. However, that’s not the case everywhere, because Idaho seems to be understanding what the latest trends are, and their general contractors seem to be following them quite well. That is why we believe that it is best to keep an eye out for the house painting in Twin Falls, one of the painting contractors’ capitals of the United States, to get an idea of the latest trends and ideas for 2016. So, let’s see what seems to be the latest thing, when it comes to house painting.

In order to get the idea of what the latest trends are, we came over to one of the biggest general contractors in Idaho, Crist & Sons Contractors, and asked them what are the new ideas for 2016, and do the people like them. Also, just to make sure, we also went to a painting contractor – Sherwin Williams Paint, just to make sure if their trends and ideas match. And they did match perfectly, which pretty much means that what we are about to tell you can a 100% be considered trendy in 2016.

According to these contractors, the biggest trend in 2016 so far seems to be purple. The people seem to love this color a lot, and the weirdest thing about it is the fact that this color wasn’t that popular in the past. Suddenly, everyone seems to love it, and not just in Twin Falls, Idaho (where we conducted this research), but all over the United States. So, go purple, and you won’t go wrong.

Another trend that is on the rise is the color of spring lilac. People just love the soothing colors, and it would appear that this is one of the most soothing ones for the human eye. It just makes you calm and is not flashy at all, making it the perfect one for family homes.

It looks as if everything is going to be in a pretty similar shade of color in 2016, but that is to be expected. Every year, one particular color trumps them all, and the third shade popular in 2016 seems to be the lavender lipstick. It is also a very soothing color, albeit a bit darker than the previous one. This color was also very popular in Ancient Greece, where people painted their cups and jugs in this color, because they believed it to be magical, and that it would keep them from getting intoxicated. Well, we’re not too sure about that, but what we are sure about is the fact that it is going to be one of the leading color trends of 2016.images

If you want to be trendy and follow the latest ideas, you can now also do it when it comes to home painting, because you now know what the latest color trends are, and which ones of them are believed to be hot in 2016. Just pick one of these colors, and you definitely won’t go wrong.