The Perfect Plan To Seduce Women

Seducing women is not hard at all. Women aren’t difficult to read. Most of the problems which guy make is because they are trying too hard and blow their chances, making their intentions too early, or just saying the wrong words in the wrong time. The first thing you need to do when you are seducing woman is to build the sexual chemistry. Do not make it too obvious that you want her in your bed. Try to make her to wonder what is on your mind. Try to use this tips in order to get her in your bed.

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1. First thing you need to do is to get close to her. You need to get to know her better if you want to seduce her. Do not come on too strong. You need to talk to her and to know her better. Be warm and friendly and text her from time to time. But be careful, don’t behave like doormat, you don’t want to end up in friend zone.

2. Be likeable. This is the second most important stage. In this point you need to realize if she has interest in you or you are just another boring guy. When you talk with her, try to get know what she likes and something that both of you are finding interesting. If you want some additional tips how to Be More attractive, then check out this site:

3. Get active at night. One of the best ways to get naughty and intimate with a girl is by texting her late at night or to call her when she is already in the bed. You need to begin with late night texting, that after day or two she is comfortable to talk to you late into the night. The first couple of texting keep clean, without making it obvious that you are trying to get her to fall for you.

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4. You need to live two lives. This is the time where you need to confuse her! When you speak or text her at night you need to be flirty and naughty. But during the day do not talk about naughty things at all, unless if she start first. Do not flirt with her with your friends around. Do this when there are just the two of you. This will look like a secret passionate between both of you, because no one else knows. All girls like flirty secret drama in their life.

5. Do not let her know that you like her. This is the common mistakes made by many guys. What they do, is that they say to girl immediately that they have feelings for her. Well of course you have, and she knows that already. She can feel that chemistry without saying it. You need to play cool and do not show your feelings for her anytime now.

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6. Get into her comfort zone. After you have been flirting with her, now it is the time for you to get into her personal space to feel this sexual chemistry. Sit close to her, but pretend you didn’t notice that you are sitting too close. Also, when you are talking with her touch her arms, while you say something, put your hands around her waist when you are passing by her or hug her for goodbye greeting.

7. Build the sexual tension. By now, she already felt sexual tingle every time you have touched her accidentally or otherwise. Go really close to her and whisper something in her ear. play with her fingers and speak softly when there is no one around. You need to build this sexual tension right!
After you did all of this, now is time to play games and time to ask her out. If you did just right all of this above you will have her for granted in your bed!