The Top 100 DJ’s In Electronic Music

Electronic dance music is extremely popular today; and how can it not be when we live in an electronic society? Most of the songs we listen to today have, at least, a part of it that sounds a bit electronic, but that wasn’t always the case. Electronic dance music is a relatively new genre, and not so long ago, this type of music did not even exist. So, how did it become one of the most popular music genres in such a short time? Well, we’re about to find that out.

Much like most other genres, the electronic dance music also evolved out of other genres of music. In the United States, the disco music was on its dying breath, but not in Europe, where this type of music continue to be very popular. In fact, it was so popular, that it even began to change and evolve together with the pop music of this continent. The Euro Disco was on the rise, and the artists such as Love and Kisses, Silver Convention, and even the American performers such as Donna Summer and the Village People saw huge popularity in Europe. One of those artists, Donna Summer, recorded the very first song believed to have a completely synthesized backing track, and therefore is believed to be the very first electronic dance song. The song quickly became a hit, and some other performers and producers started draining some new ideas from this sound.

The 90s still kept electronic music and other various music genres rather distant from each other, but you could clearly see where the future will go. In the early 2000s (as well as in the late 1990s), artists edmstarted collaborating with other artists of different genres, and it wasn’t unusual to see a rapper collaborating with funk artists, to see classical music players work with electro-dancers, etc. The music would never be the same from that point on, and we have the electronic dance music to thank for that, because it opened up some new doors in the world of music, and those doors, as it seems now, won’t be closing for a long time.

Even though the electronic dance music is a relatively new music genre, it has changed our music world so much. Top DJ’s in the scene now include Calvin Harris, Eric Prydz and Tiesto.

It brought people of various music background together, and it would appear that this has only made the music better. Electronic dance music might not be a music that everyone loves, but it certainly is a type of music that is always growing in popularity.

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