Top Film Companies in the US

Film horrorFilm companies, also known as Film studios, are companies that deal with the production of films, but also with their distribution. These top companies are known as Major Studios in North America, and they constitute the biggest film companies. These six studios are considered to be the best in the business today, but like with everything in this world, this can be changed any day of the week. So, let’s give you the Major studios of North America.

Warner Bros. Entertainment is one of the biggest and most beloved film companies in the US. It was founded way back in 1923, and today it is a part of Time Warner Company. This studio also has a separate studio that deals with animation, and is called Warner Animation Group. This studio has a North American share of 15.1%, which puts it at the very top of this industry. Other brands that are directly connected with Warner include Castle Rock, New Line Cinema, HBO Films, and Turner Entertainment.

The next one on the list is The Walt Disney Studios, which is a part of The Walt Disney Company. It was also founded in 1923, and its major studio unit is Walt Disney Pictures. This studio has a share of 15.7%, which makes it second in the North America. It has various sub-studios that deal with animation, ans some of them are Lucasfilm Animation, Pixar, Marvel Animation, etc. This studio is also connected with ESPN Films, and Touchstone Pictures.

NBC Universal, and its major studio unit Universal Pictures is the oldest major studio, and it was founded over a century age, in 1912! It has a share of 11.8% in North America, and is connected to Focus Features, Gramercy Pictures, and Working Title Films.

Sony Picture Motion Picture Group and its studio Columbia Pictures has a share of 12.5%, and is one of the major studios. It was founded in 1924, and throughout the years, it purchased some other film companies, such as TriSTar Pictures, SPWA, and TriStar Productions. It has a separate company that deals with animation, Sony Pictures Animation, as well as some other companies that deal with indie and B films, such as Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems, Stage 6 Films, and Affirm Films.

In 1935, 20th Century Fox was founded, and to this very day, it still remains one of the major studios. Today, it is a studio with the largest share in North America – 18.8%! It has its own studios that deal with animation, as well as some other studios that deal with indie films, which are also famous in their own right. They include Fox Searchlight Pictures and Fox Faith. This company also has 20% shares in New Regency Productions.columbia-pictures-logo

Paramount Pictures shares its birthday with Universal Pictures, and was also founded in 1912. Today, it has a share of 10.1%, and has several minor film studios under its wing. They include Paramount Vantage, Insurge Pictures, MTV Films, as well as Nickelodeon Movies, and it has its own animation studio – Paramount Animation.

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